Psychology Circle, an association of like-minded Psychologists, aims to promote scientific practices in different areas of Psychology. It believes in taking action in order to empower individuals associated with Psychology so that the public is benefitted from the best psychological services. The Circle has been taking the first steps in criticizing the unscientific practices in the field, thereby becoming the most popular among psychologists and the worst nightmare among the fake practitioners of the region.

Every year the Circle conducts its annual summit titled ‘Psychology Summit’ to bring experts and learners of Psychology under the same roof. Students get to learn from the experienced psychologists of different areas and professionals get to share their insights, both of which result in fostering the fields of Psychology.

Psychology Summit 2’0 is here to let you learn extra and let others learn your extras. Let us power the community of Psychologists with our stronger bonds and righteous acts.

Get ready to ‘Tune Your Skills’!

Date: 16-17/02/2018

Venue: Dept. of Psychology, Farook College-673632

Theme:“Tune Your Skills”

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Contact : +91 8606916522 .,